Our mission is to provide cultural competency opportunities in an increasingly multicultural world.


Our vision is to become a leading cultural competency training provider in New Zealand.


Relational: We foster the interconnected nature of people and the importance of relationships in everyday life.
Resourceful: We provide skillful personnel and comprehensive training materials.
Reliable: We produce and deliver all courses when and how you need them.

The EDUGATES® team which delivered UAE, South Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq and Japan culture and language training in Trentham, New Zeland, on May 6, 2022

Our Teams

Our teams are multinational experts who have extensive experience developing resources and delivering cultural competency and language training in New Zealand. Part of this work has been to prepare NZ official missions to 15 different countries in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and East Asia. In addition, we have developed resources and deliver training about the religious and societal aspects of Islam.

One of the schools that we established in the United Arab Emirates

The Journey

After a career in teaching and managing schools in Lebanon, the Arabian Gulf and the UK, I established EDUGATES® International, as an educational management and consultancy company, in 2000. Over the next decade EDUGATES® established 10 private international K-12 schools in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Lebanon. EDUGATES® work encompassed a holistic service of school start up, beginning with development of the project concept, liaising with government bodies to obtain licencing, working with architects and overseeing the building project, gaining curriculum approval, recruiting school leadership and staff, equipping the campus with all equipment and resources and opening the school. Thereafter, EDUGATES® managed each school for the duration of our contract before handing it over to its board. Among EDUGATES® other contracts were a number of school improvement, school licensing, team building and professional staff development projects.

In 2014, I moved to New Zealand and soon afterwards, I was approached by Virtus Group to develop and deliver the cultural competence and language training for NZDF missions abroad.

To find out about how EDUGATES® can meet your cultural competence and language training needs, please feel free to get in touch with me by emaiI or through the contact us link.

Saad B. Abou-Chakra, Managing Director
EDUGATES® International

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