The length of a course and its contents depend on the customer’s needs. We also offer course packages and renewable annual contracts to organisations. Some short courses can be delivered in one and a half hours. Longer courses may require a whole working day.

Courses are delivered on agreed dates in arranged venues in NZ or online.

The resouces we hand out depend on the course and on the cusotmer needs. NZDF trainees who have been attending our cutlural awareness and language introduction courses have been offfered useful sets of resources which include one or more of the following:

  1. An introduction to the language booklet, specific to the culture they are learning about;
  2. An essential language essential vocabulary and useful phrases pocket card;
  3. A cultural awarness booklet, specific to the culture they are learning about.

    Trainees who register for the “Islam Religion and Culture Introductory Course” receive an Islam Religion and Culture booklet.

We offer courses to groups and to individuals. Courses are delivered as interactive seminars to individuals or to groups of up to 15 trainees.  Groups of over 15 trainees are either divided into smaller groups or offered lectures with less opportunity for interactivity.

We send a summary of the course contents to customers who express their interest in finding out about a specific course. We also answer further questions that customers may have before we ask for any commitment or payment.
Should a customer need some change in content, we develop our course accordingly. Changes in course contents may incur extra charges.

Every year since 2018, the Virtus Group have been relying on us for the development of cultural awareness and language introduction courses and for the delivery of these courses to NZDF missions that are deployed abroad. The fact that NZDF have continued to rely on these courses is enough evidence that they are of good quality and that our teams have been doing good jobs delivering them. We commit to provide the same standard of service to every cusotmer.

Fees depend on the course, or courses, you require and on whether they are needed for an individual or a company/organisation. Our plans are flexible in order to suit the needs of the customer. Once we agree about the courses we send you an invoice. Fees as payable by internet bank transfers into our bank account in New Zealand.

Companies and organisations are offered group rates that depend on the sizes and number of the groups, the number of courses and the length of the contract. You are welcome to contact us now to find out more.



Yes we do for our standard courses. Cusotmer tailored courses however are charged our standard rates.

We only grant certifications to trainees who attend the courses upon request.